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Redbird Roofing provides everything from from roof repairs, roof replacements to yearly roof care.   Our experts are here to walk you through each and every step no matter how small the job is.  The trained staff at Redbird Roofing is here to help you through the process.  From our 30 point inspections to finishing the projects on time, Redbird is committed to getting the job done.


Roof Repair


We are here when the roofing system fails to do its job.  From your ventilation failing to the roof system, Redbird Roofing is here to help educate and inform you the right way to get your roof back to working properly.  


Roof Replacement


Our certified and expect installers will take care of your roof replacement, yard and house like it was their own.  Redbird will be sure that trough the process your are aware of anything that comes up with our on-site project managers with instant communication from the sales associate.  We take pride in getting the job done in a timely matter and getting the exterior of your clean from the debris.  We check the attics before and after each install and use tarps to cover your landscaping and pool.  Our process for roof replacements is detail from start to finish.  


Yearly Roof Care

Redbird Roofing recommends a yearly roof inspection and maintenance. Much like a car, your roof has wear and tear yearly from the elements.  Call us today to help prevent large issues from occurring.  We are happy to assist in any way possible.





Wood Shingles

Lifetime Warranty Shingles

Impact Resistance Shingles




Ownes Corning






Berridge - Metal Roofing




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